Manorfield Primary School

Our Curriculum

Science, RE & non-core subjects

We believe that every child should leave Manorfield Primary School as a well-rounded, knowledgeable individual with a thirst for further knowledge and a love of learning.

To achieve this, we must ensure that all children have access to a broad, balanced curriculum with rich, engaging experiences.  We must also ensure that all children are given opportunities to reach age-related expectations across all subjects not just at the end of every year, but at the end of every term.

Any child who does not meet age-related expectations at any point must make accelerated progress in order to ‘catch up’.

How we teach the curriculum

We use the project based learning to teach the following subjects:

Learning Process

Entry Point

The entry point is an activity for children that begins each project and provides an exciting introduction to the work that is to follow. Entry points can last from one hour to a week, depending on the age of the children and the appropriateness of the activity.


Knowledge Harvest

The knowledge harvest takes place in the early stages of each unit and provides an opportunity for children to reveal what they already know about the projects they are studying. This bank of knowledge can then be added to, developed and even challenged by the teacher, throughout the course of the project.


Educational Visit

We aim to take every year group on an educational visit at least every half term in order to expand children’s knowledge of the project being studied and consolidate the learning that has taken place within it.


Exit Point

The exit point has two main purposes. First, to help children pull together their learning from the project and second, to celebrate the learning that has taken place.



We divide the year into 6 terms and give each half term a project which not only excites the children, but covers aspects of the National curriculum in the areas listed above. Our curriculum map for the year is attached so that you can see the range of projects we study across the different year groups. We end every year with a child-led project where the children choose what they would like to learn about which encompasses any areas of the curriculum that we haven’t already covered.


How we teach Physical education

There will be 2 PE lessons per week for all year groups – one indoor and one outdoor.

Planning is available on the School drive

Swimming is taught to children in years 1 and 2, with Year 1 children attending weekly swimming lessons for a whole year from January until the end of December in Year 2.

How we teach Languages

We teach languages discretely in KS2.  At Manorfield we have taken the decision to teach Latin at KS2.

It is taught by classteachers using the Minimus scheme – teaching materials and textbooks are kept in classrooms.  There should be one half hour lesson per week.

How we teach Religious Education

We use the ‘Tower Hamlets Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2012-2017’ to teach RE. This gives us units of work to use which are relevant to the social and religious make-up of the local area. We are teaching mainly about aspects of Islam and Christianity and we also teach about other religions such as Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism.

RE is taught in termly, week-long blocks, so that in the first week of every term (6 times per year), there is an RE focus, with no other ‘project/IPC’ teaching taking place.

How we teach Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Every year group teachers a weekly philosophy session.