Manorfield Primary School


Jim Fitzpatrick MP visits KS2

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Our Local MP for Poplar & Limehouse, Jim Fitzpatrick visited Manorfield and discussed the role of parliament with our KS2 pupils.

Our Creative Team working with T-A-A-T

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The Manorfield Creative Team collaborated with the Architecture firm T-A-A-T on a project called PLAYGROUND. The acronym T-A-A-T stands for Theatre as Architecture, Architecture as Theatre. They brought a very large wooden box filled with different sized hexagons and a set of instructions. We worked in teams to create unique structures and the instructions helped us create new rules for making different designs. Eventually we created one giant structure using every hexagon.

Our Choir Performing at Chrisp Street Chrismas Festival

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Our senior choir helped launch the Chrisp Street Christmas festival and light show.

Writing Journey

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Art Journey

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