Manorfield Primary School

Aims, Values and vision


We encourage children to be:



The vision of Manorfield Primary School is to be a high achieving school at the heart of the community where children learn effectively and everyone is valued as an individual. 

All children at Manorfield Primary School will develop an enjoyment of learning and will be successful both academically and in all they do. 

Through a creative curriculum and an innovative approach to learning, we will offer a rich range of quality learning experiences, opening minds and offering children and their families opportunities and choices which will enable them to create and follow their dreams whilst achieving academic excellence.

In order to achieve academic excellence, we will enhance children’s learning by becoming experts in teaching a curriculum through outdoor learning and the creative arts in order for children to develop as well-rounded, independent individuals, developing their confidence to express themselves, improve attitudes to learning and with the skills they need for life and to make a positive contribution.

We will create a school community with unlimited aspirations who are passionate about creating a better future and a better world for everyone, valuing and celebrating the rich diversity which surrounds us


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