Manorfield Primary School

School Ambassadors

At Manorfield, instead of a traditional School council, we have a system of School Ambassadors, focused on the priorities of the school, helping school leaders to realise our shared school vision:

Our current ambassadors are:
Curriculum Ambassadors – we give feedback on what is working well with our curriculum and where we think it could be developed. We are particularly focused on making sure that our curriculum is enriched with exciting trips and where possible, reflects the unique demographic of our school.

Speak up Ambassadors – we want to make sure that children feel safe at our school. In particular we want to make sure that if children are worried about something, that they know how to ‘Speak up’ about it and we seek to make sure that systems for pupil voice are working.

Sports Ambassadors – we recognise that to be a good sportsperson one needs to maintain a high level of personal conduct at all times, leading by example. As Sports Ambassadors we are mentored to demonstrate high standards of behaviour and personal conduct at all times and to represent our school at public events and tournaments.

Reading Ambassadors – we value the opportunity to support others in developing their reading ability so there are fixed times during the week when we listen to other children read. We encourage them even if it feels hard and we provide support to help them improve where we can.

Learning Environment Ambassadors - we value our school environment and we recognise that we can have a role alongside our teachers to maintain the environments so that they are well organised and ready for children and classes to use them.

Playground Ambassadors – we recognise that playtimes are meant to be fun and we see our role as one of providing support to others. We seek to make sure that where games are being played there is a clear set of rules to ensure play is fair. We are also mindful to ensure that everyone is included at play times so we look to make sure that everyone has someone to play with. Where there are disagreements, we seek to provide restorative support so that a solution can be found that feels fair to everyone.

Eco-Warrior Ambassadors – we are acutely aware that there are decisions that can be made in school to enable our school to be more environmentally conscious. Some examples we consider are – what to do with food waste? How to reduce waste overall? How to reduce the amount of paper that we use? How can we encourage less car use, with more of our community using healthier alternatives for travel? A key part of our role is researching opportunities and then seeking to win support for new initiatives.


Each team of Ambassadors has a lead adult as demonstrated here:

Each team of Ambassadors meets once every half term. Our lead adults than feedback to Mrs Abrahams our headteacher and the rest of the Senior Leadership team so that our ideas are acted upon and really do make a difference!