Manorfield Primary School

Manorfield School History 1950 – 2019

Manorfield Primary School dates back to the 1950’s when it was built in 1953 as a temporary school built with prefab cement blocks. As an infant and junior school there were only six classes accommodating up to 180 pupils. Later a nursery was added. It is understood that the name Manorfield was derived from the fact it had been built on the manor fields belonging to the Lower Manor of Bromley.


 Harvest Festival at Manorfield Primary School 1956


Manorfield has had over the years 6 substantive Head teachers


In 1994 the nursery and reception were asked by the Local authority to develop from two classes to classes where children aged 3 – 5yrs were in four mixed classes. Following this development the then school had integrated Nursery and reception classes for 360 preschool children in to what was called at the time an Early Years Unit with enough children for two nursery and two reception classes.


In 1996 the school moved to separate nursery and reception classes. As those early years classes moved through the school and over the next few years a new journey from 1 form to 2 form entry began and the school grew to accommodate 480 pupils with two classes in each year group from the nursery – year 6. The school had two well-equipped hall spaces, one infant the other for junior. There was also an additional dedicated dining room space with the school kitchen adjacent. We also had a well-stocked library this library space later moved to the community center when the school reached the 2 form capacity and needed the class space for year 6. Outside there was a large hard-surfaced playground with a grass area and a wildlife garden. The early years playground a separate gated playground and they even had a large raised pond.

The school has also celebrated its 50th year anniversary in the summer of 2003 with a street party, visits from the local mayor and the school’s first head teacher also made a special appearance.


Dance Performance, 1952


In 2008 the local authority again earmarked the school as a site for expansion, with a vision that it could accommodate 3 forms of entry. Manorfield once again began a development project which spanned 2 years. The Early years was redeveloped adding two classrooms for the nursery, 8 further classrooms were added to the school in a new build. This started in 2008 finishing in 2010. The school also included a dedicated Music room, onsite library, sensory room, multi-purpose class, new admin rooms and extended staffroom. The two well-equipped hall spaces were refurbished with, one dedicate to drama and the other for sport. There was also an additional dedicated dining room space which was extended in 2014 continuing to have the school kitchen adjacent.


In 2012 Manorfield was selected to perform in Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony. Our pupils had a major part, acting and dancing on the hospital bed scene featuring characters from a variety of children's stories. The performance was seen by an estimated 1 Billion people around the world.



Our pupils about to go into the middle of the Olympic stadium during the 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony.


We have a well-stocked onsite library, ICT suite and a sensory room. Outside there is a large hard-surfaced playground with trim trail activity area as well as fruit and vegetable garden and a soft bark chipped play area shared mainly by Ks1 and 2. The Early years had a refurbished reception playground which was joined by a new purpose built nursery playground at the front of the building.


As its latest addition the school now has an additional outdoor classroom, secured as a result of the local authority sending a bulge class to the school back in 2009 creating four classes in one year group. The class joined the school as a reception class, this year group is now in y6 and as the school grew to accommodate three forms of entry plus this extra class an additional classroom space was required to house the bulge year group. The new outdoor class space was opened in 2015.


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