Manorfield Primary School

Cooking at Manorfield

The vision cooking

At Manorfield, we believe cooking is a crucial life skill.

Children will progressively develop the technical skills required to produce a wide-range of dishes, with all children developing a passion for quality food, recognising food as central to family life, the community and well-being.

Children will develop a well-rounded knowledge of food, including food from different cultures, how nutrition supports health and well-being, and the impact of food choices and food preparation on the environment.

Cooking will be an essential element of our overall curriculum, with food education taught as part of every project, taught for its own value, but also as a tool to develop all other areas of learning.

The rich-range of cooking experiences throughout a child’s time at Manorfield will give them the confidence, knowledge and skills to express their creativity by producing quality dishes.

Through working with highly-skilled professionals, delivering high-quality teaching and training for all, the whole school community at Manorfield will develop a life-long love for food and cooking and its potential to transform lives.

  Click here for our Cooking progression of knowledge and skills document.