Manorfield Primary School

Gardening at Manorfield

The vision

Through work with highly-skilled professionals, we develop a school community with a passion for gardening.  All children learn the skills and knowledge of gardening through a progressive curriculum.


Children develop a core understanding of food growing and its place within a wider eco-system.  They learn how food production impacts on the environment and how good decision making can create a more sustainable future for our planet.


Our gardening programme inspires children’s curiosity for botany, exploring plant growth from a wide-range of habitats, species and climates across all seasons.


We create links across the whole curriculum, including history, geography and science links, with horticultural elements in every project.


All children leave Manorfield with a rich-connection to nature, having had the opportunity to become an expert in gardening with a life-long love for the natural world.


Click here for our Gardening Progression Document