Manorfield Primary School

Religious Education

R.E. at Manorfield

At Manorfield, we use the SACRE locally agreed syllabus as the basis for planning Religious Education, which caters for pupils from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.

To meet the curriculum requirements, R.E. is taught during a planned R.E. week at the start of each half term. Within these sessions, we aim to support and develop children’s spiritual development through learning about and celebrating different faiths. Pupils are also given a chance to reflect on what they have learnt and how other religious beliefs may be similar or different to their own.


RE Progression of Knowledge & Skills


tower hamlets sacre agreed syllabus for re 2022 extract.pdf


Collective Worship

The school holds collective worship through daily assemblies which are held in different groupings. They allow discussion for important social and educational needs which help them develop their moral and spiritual aspects of school life. This time is also used as a way of celebrating religious diversity through learning about important events in the different religious calendars. Children are also given the opportunity to reflect quietly and celebrate achievement and success.

Parents/carers may discuss withdrawing their children from collective worship with the Headteacher.