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At Manorfield Primary School, we believe that swimming is a vital life skill.  Our school is located near several waterways, including canals, rivers and docks.

We therefore want our children to be able to swim and be safe in water from an early age.

We encourage all parents to take their children to swimming lessons available at our local swimming pools -

Information about swimming lessons available at our local swimming pools is available here -

Children at Manorfield start swimming lessons in the January of Year 1 and swim weekly (30 minute lessons) for one whole year, including from September to Christmas when they are in Year 2.

We also aim for children in Year 6 to take part in intensive two-week-long swimming courses, with daily 1 hour swimming lessons.

At Manorfield, swimming is for all children.  We work alongside parents, specialists and the swimming instructors to ensure we adapt provision to meet the needs of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

During academic year 21/22, we have adapted our approach as children were unable to swim during 20/21.

-          January – Easter (Year 3 weekly 1 hour lessons)

-          Easter – Summer (Year 1 weekly 1 hour lessons) 


-          Our 2021/2022 Year 6 Cohort swam when they were Year 1 / 2 pupils in line with the plan above

-          We intend for them to attend intensive swimming lessons in the summer term (2022)