Manorfield Primary School

Languages at Manorfield

Hola! At Manorfield, for our languages curriculum we teach Spanish.

The Manorfield Vision for learning Spanish as a Modern Foreign Language

At Manorfield Primary School, we celebrate all languages, and believe that there are multiple benefits from learning another language, not only in the foreign language itself but also in facilitating the learning of the English language.

All children at Manorfield learn Spanish as a foreign language.  Children are introduced to Spanish in the EYFS, and have a weekly session in Spanish. From there, a progressive curriculum builds their confidence, linguistic skills and knowledge.  We follow a carefully designed curriculum throughout KS2 with Language Angels, which allows children to develop their skills in the four key linguistic areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Children gain an appreciation of Spanish cultures and an awareness of how the Spanish language works with opportunities for the whole school to celebrate many Spanish and Latin American celebration days.

Where possible, we make links with class projects and also explore similarities and differences between Spanish, English and children’s home languages and cultures.

Through this, the children at Manorfield are becoming linguists who have increased confidence in speaking a foreign language.  Our creative approach to language learning will support our children in becoming future global citizens, with a rich understanding of the diverse nature of the city on London and the world around them.

 Click here for our Languages progression of knowledge and skills document.

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