Manorfield Primary School

Manorfield Primary School and The Big Half Marathon

Raising over £56,000 for new Nursery and Outdoor Learning Area


The success of Manorfield’s involvement in the Big Half is a fantastic example of how our ambition for the school can produce phenomenal results. Thanks to a tremendous effort by the community of staff, students and supporters, all sharing in our enthusiasm for giving children in the Tower Hamlets area as great a start in life as possible, we have raised an astonishing [£56,000+] to contribute to a new Nursery and Outdoor Learning area for the school.

An expert and sustained campaign to raise awareness, gain fundraising momentum and gather increasing numbers of supporters to the team – spearheaded by Manorfield staff – ensured that the resulting crew of over 250 runners were raring to go at the starting line on the big day. The build-up saw a fantastic effort that strengthened bonds between the school and the local community, with fundraising coffee mornings, a series of incentivizing prizes to encourage participation, the creation of specially-designed running shirts (for which Clarus Education donated a generous £2,500 as sponsors) and, of course, a number of epic training runs in the ice and snow all contributing to the general excitement. The gathering momentum and enthusiasm shown in the lead up to the event revealed an inspiring sense of community spirit.

The day itself was momentous, with runners overcoming all kinds of odds – from health issues to travel upheavals and even jet-lag – to achieve brilliant race times and represent Manorfield and our intent to continue bettering our facilities for the students. Indeed, with such a great crowd of Manorfield runners out in force, many people took to social media afterward to comment on the school’s representation at the event. It definitely raised awareness of our cause.

We are incredibly grateful to all who ran and helped raised funds, and to those who donated: particular thanks to The Canary Wharf Group, whose fantastic donation enabled us to participate in the run in the first place. We are now in great shape to develop a new Nursery and Outdoor Learning area that will be crucial to enable the kind of creative, forward-thinking education we aim to provide for our pupils. These facilities will ensure that our students are given access to the exciting and inspiring start in life that they deserve: we hope that both our new areas will become formative and unforgettable places for the children who learn in them, and we are incredibly thankful to everyone who contributed via The Big Half.


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