Manorfield Primary School

Volunteers Rally TO Give manorfield a splash of colour

Platform for apprenticeships recruits young people from around London to re-paint playground furniture and rejuvenate school garden


On May 12th a group of volunteers from a wide range of areas across London met at Manorfield Primary School to help brighten up the playground by re-painting its benches and tables. The team, who also helped to clear rubbish from the school’s kitchen garden and re-set the foundations of its greenhouse, were rallied by Apprentice Nation, an organisation that helps to raise awareness and educate young people on the power of
apprenticeships, as well as to promote the importance of social and community action.

The volunteers worked for four hours across the morning, addressing some of the priority points on Manorfield’s School Work Plan and responding to direct requests from the pupils themselves, who were asked what they’d like to see improved in their playground. A collection of benches and tables in need of repair were sanded and repainted in the colours of the school’s logo, adding splashes of green, purple grey and blue across the pupil’s play area.


The group had travelled from a wide range of places across London, with many coming from other schools and sixth form colleges, demonstrating a great sense of community spirit
and a desire to represent and demonstrate the power of social action. Whilst volunteering, Apprentice Nation ensured that the young people involved received advice and access to a bank of resources that would help them develop their C.V. toward particular, preferred careers, whilst fostering a strong sense of the positive change their actions were effecting.

By the end of their time at the school, the team had renovated all the old benches and tables, cleared rubbish and rejuvenated the school’s kitchen garden (which had been affected after some recent building work), re-set a greenhouse and a garden shed and relaid the paths that give access to the different areas of the garden.


‘We’re immensely grateful to all the volunteers involved and to Apprentice Nation for encouraging such valuable and inspiring work, as well as adding these lovely pockets of colour to the space here at Manorfield’, Paul Jackson, the school’s headteacher, said afterward. ‘It means a lot that the community has chipped in to such an extent to improve our school, and especially that these young people are acting as wonderful role models for the children here. We’re always looking to educate and encourage our own students toward greater social responsibility in the future, and it’s days like this that demonstrate how much a small group of people can do in one day to brighten up the environment for others for years to come.’


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