Manorfield Primary School


Manorfield Primary down to the final 64 entries to win Jewson's Building Better Communities grant: all we need is your vote

We’re incredibly excited that Manorfield Primary’s bid to build an art studio and cooking space for pupils and the wider community has been chosen from over 2,400 entries to make the shortlist for the Building Better Communities grant, and now we’re sending out the call to gather as many votes as possible to help us through to the next stage. Voting takes a minute or so to do and could yield wonderful results for the pupils at Manorfield and the surrounding community: head to the ‘Community Project Shortlist’ at to vote for our bid, and share the news with friends, family and on social media. Votes are open until the 20th June.



Jewson Building Better Communities offers the chance for good causes around the UK to be rewarded with a share of a £250,000 prize fund, and this year we’ve made the Community Project shortlist. We’ve made it this far because the judges have recognised our project’s potential for not only helping huge amounts of people imminently, but also being able to continue bettering both our pupils’ and the people in our community’s lives far into the future. Our aim is to build a fantastic art studio and a dream cookery space at the school, and currently we stand to win a share of the prize money in building materials to transform this dream into a reality.



Both Art and Cookery are tremendous for fostering transferable skills and boosting overall academic achievement: when you think about it, learning how to think creatively and express oneself, along with learning how to cook and eat well, are two of the most crucial parts of a child’s education. We’re dedicated to offering the students at Manorfield Primary the facilities to develop both in Art – well-known for boosting confidence, problem-solving skills and combating mental health issues – and Cookery, which not only helps to teach kids about nutrition, healthy eating and sustainability, but equips them to perform better in school and throughout their lives. Currently both our food education and art classes take place in rooms designed for academic purposes, lacking in visual inspiration, facilities and storage space: the grant money will enable us to build our dream art studio and cookery space, which will be open to the community as a whole, too. A purpose-built kitchen with top quality facilities will provide pupils, parents and the wider community with an authentic experience that’ll help promote food education as an important subject, as well as providing a hub where people from our diverse community can come together. The art studio will have designated spaces for different activities, providing crucial flexibility for whatever our pupils dream up, enabling them to get involved with large-scale projects and, finally, offering space to exhibit work and inspire the community as a whole. It’ll be a place where everyone, young and old, can get together to work, flourish and make a merry mess!



We’re close to being able to achieve all of this, but what we need now is your vote to support us. It’s as simple as this: follow the link – and click ‘Register to Vote’. After a super-quick sign-up, you’ll be able cast your vote for our Art Studio and Cooking Space bid: the whole thing takes less than two minutes and helps us a step closer to transforming thousands of lives for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as a wider community that comprises one of the most deprived areas in the UK. Please do spread the word on social media and encourage others to vote, and thank you in advance for your time and enthusiasm.