Manorfield Primary School

Parental engagement at Manorfield

WorkPath - Employment Support at Local Children's Centres

Parents and carers of children aged from 0 – 11 are now able to access a unique employment service provided by WorkPath at their local children’s centres. A dedicated Information and Advice and Guidance (IAG) officer now offers a weekly employment advice surgery in each Children’s Centre. This makes the service more accessible for residents with young children. WorkPath provides support for people at all levels of work, skill or experience. They can provide employment support, basic skills or advanced training; access to work experience, apprenticeships or graduate schemes; CV help, interview preparation and more. Parents are encouraged to book appointment by contacting their local Children’s Centres.
 The work schedule of IAG officers at children’s centres are linked here.


Parental Engagement at Manorfield

Parental engagement at Manorfield forms an intricate part of the school’s core values and principals.

Parents work closely with the staff and children to reinforce these core values and principals that make us the outstanding school we are.

As Parent Liaison I understand the importance of communication and partnership.

My aim is to engage with staff, Govenors and parents to promote a cohesive partnership that benefits both the school and children as a whole.   I will facilitate the sharing of information with my parents in order to help them ensure their child’s academic success.

Parent Liaisons appreciate cultural diversity and therefore can build successful relationships with their families, which in turn facilitate more effective relationships with staff in the school and community. 


Sherry Loveday-Davis

Parental Liaison