Manorfield Primary School

End of Term 2017

Dear Parents & Carers,


Thank you for all your support over the past year.  We have had a great set of SATs results, which will be published in full in the autumn term, but just to let you know that all results were significantly above the national average.  Our results were excellent, and some of the best from schools in the local area.


We have a twitter account that is used regularly to update our followers about events happening in school – please sign up and follow us - @ManorfieldPri


On the last day of term (Tuesday 25th) we are holding a non-uniform day – all children are to bring in a £1 donation, and all monies raised go towards the development of the school.


Thank you for those who have supported our fundraising efforts this year.  We are doing well with the clothing collections and raised £580 last time.  We have another collection on Tuesday 25th and it would be great to beat that amount.  As well as any other clothing, please send in any uniform that your children have outgrown.   


As you will be aware, over the past academic year, we have undertaken a programme of refurbishing 6 classrooms, equipping them with state of the art, highest quality resources and ICT.  This programme is set to continue over the summer holidays with a further 5 classrooms being refurbished, along with the KS1 corridor, and the creation of a new KS1 Library.


Plans are being developed to build a brand new Nursery, and a Nursery and Reception outdoor learning area.  We need to raise funds for this, and all money from the clothing collections, and non-uniform days is going towards this.


We have very exciting plans for all of our pupils from September with more educational visits planned, along with lessons incorporating gardening and cooking, and an expanded music programme, where all children from year 2 upwards will hopefully be learning a musical instrument.


Please encourage your child to read as much as possible during the holidays – reading for 5-10 minutes every day will really improve your child’s reading - and to continue to practice writing – maybe keeping a diary, writing letters or stories.  All of this will help the children when they return to school in September.


Finally, please do take any opportunity you may have over the summer to take your children on visits to the local library, parks, museums and galleries.  My aim for all children at Manorfield is for them to leave their homes at least once every day during the holidays.


Whilst we have a few more days until the final day of the academic year is here (last day Tuesday 25th July 2017), and while we are all looking forward to the summer break, I wanted to take the opportunity to share some information with you ready for the start of the new academic year in September.











Term dates for the year



First School Day for pupils

Last School Day for pupils

School Closures


6th September 2017

20th October 2017

4th Sept – INSET day

5th Sept – INSET day



30th October 2017

20th December 2017

17th November – INSET day



4th January 2018

9th February 2018

3rd January 2018 – INSET day



19th February 2018

29th March 2018




16th April 2018

25th May 2018

7th May – Bank Holiday



4th June 2018

24th July 2018

15th June 2018 Eid – predicted date for school to be closed

16th July – INSET day



Other key dates will be circulated in September.


We want to make sure that all children are in school at the correct time and are not missing any lesson time.  Please familiarise yourself with the school routine below:




Main Playground Gate will be opened

Teachers will be on the playground from 8:45am.


A bell will ring at 8:50 for children to line up.

For children in R – Y6, children are expected to be in line by 8:50am.  As soon as the class are in line, the teacher will take children into the classroom.

On the first day back, staff will be in the playground to show children where to line up.


The playground gate will be ‘locked’ at 8:55am.  Parents will be allowed to leave via this gate, but no further parents or children will be allowed in through the playground gate.

After 8:55am

Any children who arrive after 8:55am should make their way to the main reception desk where they will be marked as late.


All timings are using the synchronised clock system shown on the clock in the Manorfield playground – please set your own clocks and watches by this!


If it is raining heavily, children can take shelter under the shelter outside the staffroom.  Children will be allowed into their classrooms from 8:50 onwards.  Class Teachers will be present in their classrooms.


I would also like to remind you that children must choose at the start of the week whether they are packed lunches or school dinners, and they must remain with that choice for the whole week.


We want all children to look smart and take pride in their appearance.  All children should wear the school uniform as detailed (please see uniform price list below).  The uniform shop will be open on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th September (INSET days) if you need to buy anything before the start of the next school year.














White Polo Shirt

All sizes


Red Sweat Shirt

All sizes


Jogging Bottoms

All sizes


Fleece Jackets

All sizes


Girls Red Cardigans

All sizes


PE T-Shirts

All sizes


Book Bags

All sizes


Swimming Hats

All sizes




Long or short navy blue trousers (jogging bottoms are allowed in Nursery & Reception)

White polo shirt

Red sweatshirt with school logo

Black shoes (no trainers, no coloured laces or soles)



Navy blue skirt or trousers (jogging bottoms are allowed in Nursery & Reception)

White polo shirt

Red cardigan/sweatshirt with school logo

Headscarves (please use clips and not pins!) and socks/tights should be red, white or grey.

Black shoes (no trainers, no coloured laces or soles)

In the summer months, girls can also wear red gingham summer dresses.

Please do not send your child to school with any jewellery, false nails or nail polish.


PE Kit

Continuing in September, all children will have 2 PE lessons per week.  As part of our curriculum, we want children to learn to be healthy and to look after themselves independently.  Children will change for PE in school and for this to happen, PE Kits must be in school every day.  My suggestion is for PE kits to be taken home every Friday night to be washed over the weekend and brought back to school on a Monday morning. 


Our PE kit for all children is:    (Winter kit – navy blue tracksuit bottoms can be worn during cold weather)

White t-shirt

Black shorts


PE bag (drawstring)


I appreciate there is a lot of information here, but I wanted you to all be as informed as possible.  Have a fantastic summer, and we look forward to welcoming all the children back on Wednesday 6th September.


Best wishes,



Paul Jackson