Manorfield Primary School

Information about Fasting

Dear Parent/Carers,


Ramadan is due to begin the week after the half-term break for our Muslim families and we are aware that many of our Year 5 and 6 Muslim children may choose to fast at some point during this month. We appreciate that this is a very special and significant time of year for our Muslim community.


Guidance from the Local Authority states, ‘Children who have not reached the age of puberty should be encouraged to consider trying fasting on days when they are at home, rather than on days when they are at school.’ The LA is concerned that going without water for long periods is unhealthy for children, especially during warm weather, and long days and within an active school day.


While we do understand that pupils may wish to join in with the family during fasting, please talk to your child about these arrangements and suggest that, as an alternative, they fast at weekends.


We understand that this is a very special time for all Muslim families which the children want to be involved in, and hope that these arrangements will ensure that the children can manage and complete their fasts without too much difficulty.


For families observing Ramadan may we wish you well during this special time and Ramadan ul Mubarak.

Best wishes


Paul Jackson