Manorfield Primary School

Letter regarding Head Lice

Dear Parents and Carers,


As you are aware, the incidence of head lice in children of primary school age continues to be a problem.  At the moment we are seeing incidences of head lice in all classes and years.


Head lice are well camouflaged and hide when disturbed by combing. They do not always cause itching, particularly when recently arrived on the head. They may also be few in number and quick inspection is unlikely to detect them.


Head lice cannot fly, jump or swim, but spread by climbing from head to head. Anyone can catch them, but children, who have head to head contact, either at school or during play, are most commonly affected. They are not fussy about hair length or condition. Clean hair is no protection, although regular hair washing and combing sessions offer a good opportunity to detect head lice and arrange treatment if discovered.


Please help to prevent head lice circulating by regular checks. If all cases are identified and treated successfully at the time there will be fewer opportunities for lice to circulate amongst children and their families - prevention is better than the cure!


If you require any advice on how to treat head lice, please see the illustration on the back of this letter.


Best wishes


Paul Jackson