Manorfield Primary School

Physical Education (PE)

How we teach Physical education

Our PE curriculum is knowledge and experience-rich. All pupils are taught a range of skills and knowledge to understand and participate in a variety of physical activities and sports, fostering their physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork. They are exposed to a wide range of sports and physical challenges, providing opportunities to develop their athletic abilities.

At Manorfield, our PE curriculum is based on the progression of fundamental skills delivered through 2 hour practical lessons (1hr indoor & 1hr outdoor). We plan using ‘The Pe Hub’ framework and also use sport – specific planning to help further enhance the quality of lessons we deliver.


The P4C (Philosophy for Children) approach at Manorfield enhances pupils' thinking and understanding of key concepts and big ideas within our PE curriculum:

  • Creative thinking - Encouraging innovative approaches to movement and problem-solving in physical activities and games.
  • Critical thinking - Developing analytical and strategic skills to make informed decisions and adapt tactics during sports and challenges.
  • Collaborative thinking - Promoting teamwork, communication, and cooperation in group activities and team sports.
  • Caring thinking - Nurturing a sense of sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for oneself and others in the context of physical education.

External coaches

We warmly welcome a range of external coaches to widen the learning opportunities for our pupils. These links as well as those we make with local schools enable our children to take part in many sporting competitions.


We provide Years 4, 5, and 6 with intensive swimming lessons on a daily basis during the Autumn term. This is based on-site using a temporary teaching pool and specialist instructors. This is a new format of swimming delivery for us but pupil feedback and progress has been very positive so far.

Through our PE curriculum, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for physical activity, sports, and healthy lifestyles. We strive to develop confident, skilled, and resilient athletes who understand the importance of physical well-being and sports-like behaviour.